Academic-level content

The key to building more secure software is knowledge. Knowledge of the current security landscape. Knowledge of relevant threats and their corresponding mitigation techniques. In his courses, Philippe teaches how attacks and defenses work. With that knowledge, developers can spot and solve security problems, even in scenarios that go beyond textbook examples.

Customizable curriculum

Unfortunately, security training is often generic and shallow. Wouldn't you love to build your own custom curriculum, perfectly aligned with the needs of your team? Each of Philippe's training courses is composed from a set of content modules. Each module focuses on helping developers understand the problem, instead of merely illustrating textbook examples of attacks and defenses.

On-site or remote

Training courses can be delivered on-site or remote, according to your preferences. Regardless of the delivery method, each training course should allocate time for hands-on lab sessions. Using a custom lab environment, participants get to try out attacks and analyze the effect of defenses. Labs are always guided by Philippe, leaving room for additional discussions where needed.

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The Advanced Application Security training was amazing! I would definitely take any class taught by Philippe again. He was the best instructor I’ve ever had (including a $5000 CISSP boot camp led by ISC2). All the topics were extremely relevant, educational, and the hands-on labs were beneficial to put all the material we covered in class to practice. Excellent work!

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Software engineer at a Fortune 500 company