Taking security seriously

This page contains the resources for the talk titled "Taking security seriously".


Billions of breached records. Millions paid in bug bounties. Thousands of unpatched vulnerabilities. Yet, almost every post-breach message is adamant about stating that security is taken seriously. Making fun of these security failures is nothing short of counter-productive arrogance. Instead, we should strive to give real meaning to "taking it seriously".

In this talk, we take an honest look at the current security landscape. Using plenty of real-world examples, we dive into the dangers applications face today. We investigate the underlying problems and the struggles developers face when building secure software. You will walk away from this talk with actionable advice on improving your current security practices.

Sketch notes

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About Philippe De Ryck

Philippe De Ryck is the founder of Pragmatic Web Security, where he travels the world to train developers on web security and security engineering. He holds a Ph.D. in web security from KU Leuven. Google recognizes Philippe as a Google Developer Expert for his knowledge of web security and security in Angular applications.